Collection 1 2022: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

Collection 1 2022: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

Where did 2021 go? Now that we have entered 2022 we are proud to release our first collection for the year (C1-22). This first drop is focused on our RX offering featuring classic, timeless shapes in high quality materials that you've come to expect from SALT. New titanium offerings with some innovative features your optician will appreciate and that you'll just love cause of the improved optics. We revisit some classic shapes and update them for an improved fit. Another exciting feature is the introduction of some new exclusive acetate colors. We worked with our partners in Japan to develop some colors that can only be found with SALT. This includes Indigo Oak and Rose Oak. Thanks for the continued support and follow us on Instagram for new products and fashion shoots featuring the latest product.

 New SALT Titanium Eye glasses

Devon & Mason

The Featherweights

As soon as eyeglasses became commonplace, we immediately started trying to make them lighter. As lenses got thinner, different materials were used in frame manufacturing to achieve the lightest weight possible. In the 1950's brands like Art-Craft and Victory Optics added aluminum caps to their popular brow-line styles, creating "alum" frames that drastically decreased the overall weight. Though, with new solutions came new issues, such as durability and allergies to the material. This is what makes titanium eyewear such an achievement while solving these new problems.

Salt Devon Titanium Eyeglasses

 Although titanium was discovered in 1790, the real breakthrough came in 1960. It was found that titanium is present in the human body, making it ideal for contact with our skin, this is due to its hypoallergenic properties. Once technology caught up to working with the material, it became a viable option for eyewear.

SALT Mason Titanium Eyewear

Fast forward to today and we are excited to share two new titanium silhouettes that pay homage to the classic metal styles found in the 50's and 60's. These tapered titanium optical frames are made using a modern mono-block process, meaning the piece is made from a single piece of titanium. The all new Devon and Mason feature subtle two-tone color options, a custom rim-lock and a top-down tapered titanium thickness allowing for superior optics. The unique design language gives way to an amazing balanced feel. 

 SALT Jefferson Evergreen


The P-3s

When it came time to really put corrective lenses to work, specifically on the field of battle, a more practical eyeglass had to be developed. During WW2 the military needed a frame that would not only fit across all the different face morphologies of the soldiers, but one that would function with more activity without lens rotation. Thus the Pantoscopic 3 was born.

By creating an eye size with the horizontal measurement (A) 3mm longer than the vertical measurement (B), the P-3 ensures that the axis of the lens is stable and will not rotate, no matter the activity. In the time since WW2 the style has endured and evolved from the battlefield to become a common staple of boardrooms, Ivy League schools and silver screens.

Jefferson by SALT in Coastal Fog

The all new SALT. Jefferson continues to build on that foundation with vintage inspired details. The subtle keyhole bridge maximizes comfort, its heritage style suits both men and women and the option of multiple sizes ensures a perfectly tailored fit. This is the type of frame that can be passed down for generations and with its functional rivet hinges and high quality Japanese acetate you can do just that.

SALT Livingston Eyeglasses


The Tailored Exec

Setting the precedent for tailored fit and quality manufacturing, the American eyewear brands of the midcentury defined the simple, sophisticated style that continues to thrive in eyewear today. Implementing the quality that had been developed in the industry with the innovative style of the era, the American midcentury established  the core tenets of what has become enduring and classic eyewear.

SALT Livingston in Ever Green

A truly timeless style, the vintage inspired details of the SALT. Livingston continues the legacy midcentury eyewear. A classically tailored soft rectangle designed to complement any face shape and the subtle keyhole allows for universal bridge fit.

 SALT Mackay in Autumn Leaves

Mackay & McGowan

The Professional Lift

The women's eyeglass styles of the 1950's truly solidified fashionable eyewear as a must have accessory for decades to come. At this time, the technology had advanced enough to allow for a plethora of different frame shape options, and for the first time outside of occupational function, these frames became commonly in vogue.

 Mackay by SALT in Indigo Oak

Later in the decade, the shapes became more exaggerated and the brow lines more dramatic, but the early 50's laid the foundation for the SALT. McGowan and Mackay. These professional styles provide a structured silhouette that is designed to follow the natural angles of the face and give a flattering lift to complement any face shape.

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