Heirloom quality that lasts for generations

We’re not thinking in terms of seasonal trend, we’re thinking in terms of generations. Each SALT. Frame utilizes functional pins, riveted hinges, and specific thickness transitions that guaranty your frames can be adjusted and repaired over time, providing the perfect fit for decades to come.

SALT. is committed to using only the most premium handmade cellulose acetate in the world. Our acetate is created from cotton seeds and wood pulp, which allows it to be hypoallergenic and sustainable. We partner with Takiron Rowland, a Japanese acetate factory that has been producing handmade acetate for the better part of 100 years. This special process is done by hand, creating a unique pattern every single time and making each piece unique unto itself. 

100% Japanese Aerospace Grade Titanium

SALT. Aerospace grade Japanese titanium provides a stunning strength to weight ratio, giving even bold frames a featherweight feel. Our titanium is hypoallergenic and is engineered to maintain perfect optics. Proprietary titanium thickness transitions and bevel placement provide stability where needed most, securing the lens properly in the frame. This means that any stress on the frame is not transferred to the lens, greatly improving any optical situation.

100% Japanese Polarized Lenses

Everyday we consume a world of reflected light. Light entering our eyes is constantly moving and in flux, creating what we perceive as glare. Working with the highest optical grade glass and cr-39 materials, SALT. Superior polar lenses channel this reflected light, eliminating glare and optimizing the viewing field.

SALT. Proprietary Wellness Coatings

Even when wearing sunglasses, UV rays can enter your eye from reflected light on the backside of the lens. These unwanted light rays can contribute to the harms of UV exposure to both the eyes and the skin around the eyes. Salt. Wellness anti-reflective coating greatly reduces the amount of reflected light, protecting your eyes and skin in any light condition.