Collection 3 2021 - The Inspiration Behind the Styles

Collection 3 2021 - The Inspiration Behind the Styles

We are excited to release our third collection for 2021. Below we explain our inspiration and further exploration of reengineering classic eyewear shapes and bringing them into the modern age. We do this to improve fit and we hand select the best materials so that you can have a pair of glasses that will last generations. All the new styles are available as sun and RX and feature SALT. exclusive colors.

 The Original Shape

In the early days of eyewear, small round frames were prevalent because of the limitations of lens manufacturing. Lenses could only be produced in small circle shapes, and it was extremely difficult to duplicate the exact same shape twice. Thus, the metal frame was molded around the lens, creating the classic Windsor style. The metal Windsor has been popular for generations; worn by icons such as Theodore Roosevelt, John Lennon, and Gandi.

As tortoiseshell and acetate manufacturing capabilities improved, these Windsor styles became chunkier and more bold, and for the first time, in the history of eyewear, it became a true accessory that was both function and fashion. The tortoiseshell Windsor style became a status symbol and a must-have look of the 1920’s fashion scene.

The style has stayed true through the decades since its rise to popularity. The SALT. LEWIS takes the heritage of the tortoiseshell Windsor and slightly modernizes it to create a more unisex styling and a more wearable look. Raising the bridge from the 180° line gives the LEWIS a flattering fit on all faces, and the keyhole bridge allows for a universal fit.

SALT Lewis Sunglass

The Professional Lift

The Windsor style frame could be said to have been the first fashionable eyeglass frame and during the 1950's, technology had advanced and a new era of fashionable shapes broke onto the scene. From occupational function to a statement piece that completed a fashionable look.

Later in the decade, the shapes became more exaggerated and the brow lines more dramatic. Oval lens shapes were complimented with a subtle lift.

Following this inspiration we designed the SALT. GARLAND to follow natural angles of the face to provide a flattering lift. A great style that complements any face shape.

 SALT. Optics Garland

The Sartorial Essential

The American eyewear brands of the midcentury defined the simple, sophisticated style that continues to thrive in eyewear today. Setting the precedent for a tailored fit and quality manufacturing that elevates any style, the American midcentury defined the standards of what has become enduring and classic eyewear.

A truly timeless style, the vintage inspired details of the SALT. PIERCE continue the legacy. A classically tailored soft rectangle silhouette is designed to complement any face shape, and a subtle keyhole allows for a universal bridge fit.

SALT. Pierce Sunglass

 Besides adding these 3 new shapes to the line we also added exclusive acetate colors you can't find anywhere else. Using premium Japanese acetate we developed White Oak and Antique Leaves. White Oak is our classic woodgrain that blends into a clear color in the lower portion. The Antique Leaves is our version of the tortoise with warm golden hues and rich browns. You can learn more about our materials by clicking here.

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