Collection 4 2021: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

Collection 4 2021: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

We are excited to introduce the 4th Collection for 2021. Designed to complement the C3 collection, with an introduction of some new Japanese Aerospace Grade Titanium, this latest collection is bold and exciting. Below we share the inspiration behind the collection as we continue to reengineer classic eyewear shapes and bring them into the modern era.

SALT Madison



The Icons

With roots that run deep in music, film, and pop culture heritage, the acetate aviators of the 1970’s were the go-to choice for the icons that defined the era. Weather it be Paul Newman wearing them on a break from racing the ’79 24 Hours of Le Mans, or Stevie Wonder while recording his iconic “Songs in the Key of Life” album, some of the greatest moments in film and music history were accompanied by this classic eyewear style.

The SALT. ROCKWOOD and the new VENTURA aim to continue that rich history, by paying homage to the soft lines and exaggerated style, but with an emphasis on optics. Every piece of SALT. eyewear is designed to carry a prescription, implementing specific thickness transitions to ensure any stress on the frame is not transferred to the lens. All so the next generation of icons have a go-to pair of frames to wear while making history. 

SALT. Optics inspiration1

 SALT Ventura

 SALT. Ventura on model


The Evolved Browline

A staple of the mid-century, and still a popular style today, browline frames are defined by their bold styling at the top of the frame and thin metal rim toward the bottom. Originally designed in an effort to be customized to the wearer, early browline frames had interchangeable brows, bridges, and eyewires to allow for a perfect fit and personalized appearance. As their popularity grew, and multiple American brands started to offer their own version, these frames fast became the most popular eyeglass style of the 1950’s. In fact, the browline style eventually accounted for 50% of all eyeglasses sold and worn in that decade. As a result, they are identifiable with cultural icons such as Malcolm X and Marlyn Monroe. The SALT. KNOX and MADISON evolve that rich history by paying homage to the bold styling, but with an emphasis on optics and construction. A full titanium frame front features a tapered thickness that is designed to carry a prescription and ensure any stress put on the frame is not transferred to the lens. 

SALT Optics inspiration

SALT Optics Knox RX

SALT Optics Knox Sun

SALT Optics Madison RX

SALT Optics Madison Sun

SALT Optics Knox Sun on model

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