For the love of eyewear - Collection 4 2023

For the love of eyewear - Collection 4 2023

There is no denying we love eyewear design and it's history, whether it's an iconic shape that made history or a functional piece that transcends into the world of fashion. For our fourth collection for 2023 we chose shapes that embody a bold spirit and make a statement for the wearer without being trapped by trend. We also continue the use of our proprietary colors that are only found at SALT. These colors are custom made for us by our partners in Japan. The lenses we use are best-in-class polarized lenses using state-of-the-art films and filters to create the best optical experience. We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do.

C4 Sun Collection for 2023. A woman by a pool wearing the new Sierra.


Taking inspiration from the 1950's, this iconic shape is reimagined to have a subtle lift and the oversized frame is bold yet looks and feels luxurious. 

Salt Sierra Sun in the proprietary Rose Fog color made in Japan

The Sierra worn by a model


The 60's and 70's saw a lot of unique styles in terms of eyewear. Inspired by those who wanted an oversized sunglass to bring drama to any look. Vintage looks with premium Japanese materials and hand finished. 

Salt Cascade Sunglass in the evergreen color

Model wearing the Salt. Cascade Sunglass poolside and laughing


A professional and tailored piece that was designed to be slightly oversized. The classic rectangular shape never goes out of style.

Salt Pacific in Whiskey showcasing the custom core wire made in Japan

Model wearing the Cascade on a boat in the smoke grey color


Inspired by the counter culture of vintage motorcycle clubs, the Teton is a bold square frame ready for any road adventure you can throw at it. 

Salt Teton in desert fog that is exclusive to Salt optics

Model wearing the Salt Teton. A bold square frame made in Japan

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