Home Bound with Steven Clouse for SALT Optics


A photo series by Steven Clouse with words. We asked the SALT. crew a series of questions of how they are passing the time at home.
How are you passing the time?
A lot of board games with my significant other.
What have you been watching or listening to?
Love True Crime and @smalltowndicks has been my go-to.
Favorite SALT. piece?
Fuller in wood grain.
Dylan T // Operations Support

How are you passing the time?
Trying to secure PPP loans.
What's some thing positive that came from this?
Spending time with family and my neighbors.
What have you been watching or listening to?
Part of the Problem podcast, Your Welcome Podcast, K.A.A.N. reading "Man's search from Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.
Favorite SALT. piece?
Jason R // CFO
How are you passing the time?
Working from home, gardening, cross-stitch and jigsaw puzzles.
What are some of the upsides for you being under #quarantine?
Learning new skills (planted a vegetable garden), spending time with my dog, yoga.
What are you listening to or watching?
Upload, Maine Cabin Masters, Ozark, Seinfeld, Last Minute Trips (youtube). Podcasts: Uhh Yeah Dude, Anthropocene Reviewed, Ologies (taking a true crime back).
Favorite SALT. piece?
Bethany C // Sales and Operations

How are you passing the time?
Surfing and pretending I know my way around a golf course.
What's one positive you are seeing through all this?
Self-reflection is by far the biggest positive that's come about during quarantine.
Other ways you've been entertaining yourself?
Reading, listening to music. TV has just been background the noise the past few weeks. I'm over it and don't have the attention span anymore.
Favorite SALT. piece?
The Chico in Black/Gold with the blue lens.
Zachary M // Finance and Accounting Manager
What have you been doing during this #stayathome order?
Playing video games, exercising, and steaming tv.
One #positivevibe for you during this time?
Spending more time with my family.
What tv shows are you streaming?
Watching a lot of The Sopranos.
Favorite SALT. piece? 
Chico or Lopez in black.
Cameron G // Warranty and Repair

How have you been passing the time?
Doing puzzles and gardening with Beth.
What have been some positive moments during this time?
Florida still produces the best news headlines. #floridaman
What's been on the entertainment menu?
Watched #uploadtv in one sitting. Listening to @lpontheleft and @pardonmytake.
Favorite SALT. glass?
Fuller Sun AG.
Maxwell C // Shipping and Receiving 
What have you been doing at home?
Getting all fat and sassy, just kidding. Wrenching on my truck, getting ready for camping/wheeling trips, cycling, running, painting, doing some design work for friends, and hanging with Lindsey and Sven (dog).
What's been the most positive aspect?
Being lucky enough to work for a company that can provide and allow some extra time off has been rad. Having extra time to give all my interests has been the best.
What have you been listening to and watching?
#schittscreek. Haven't listened to many podcast lately, but @ruffstuffspecialities has a fabrication podcast that's pretty good.
Favorite SALT. frame?
Tough one, but I'd say the James. Classic style, perfect amount of chunkiness, fits me well and goes nicely with sun or rx.
Kevin C // Warranty and Repair 

How are you passing the time?
Painting, hiking, day trips into the wilderness with my lady and of course vegetating on the couch.
What have you been watching?
The lady has hooked me on to some of her #mtv reality shows but other than that we have been rewatching a lot of movies on #disneyplus.
Favorite SALT. glass?
The Chico. I have every color, I swear by that frame. #lookgoodfeelgood
Matthew T // Shipping and Receiving 
How are you passing the time?
Is time passing? I didn't realize. Actually, my wife is pregnant and I feel super blessed to be able to spend so much time with her. 
What have you been working on?
This #quaratinelife has allowed me a lot of time exploring creatively. I've been deep diving into all my eyewear influences and using them as inspiration for some new pieces. 
What are you reading, listening to or watching?
I've tried to read some novels that I've been meaning to make time for. "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton, Raymond Chandler's detective novel "The Big Sleep".
Favorite SALT. piece?
Right now it's the Rockwood. I've been wearing it on the motorcycle. I've also been loving the Henderson as an optical. It feels like it could fit right in one of those 1930s detective novels.
Trevor K // Product Line Manager

How are you passing the time?
Home-officing, working on my cocktails and learning new skills. 
What positive aspects of quarantine have surprised you?
Video calls. I probably did more video calls during #quaratine then in my entire life. Great to keep in touch with the family and friends this way.
What are you watching?
We went back in time and watched all the Harry Potter movies. Classic!
Favorite SALT. piece?
Dibergi sun in matte black and black sand.
Brice G // Area Manager // Europe
What have you been doing while at home?
Been getting rid of all the stuff/clothes I no longer use or wear and trying to live a more minimal life. 
What's been the upside?
Realizing how much I don't mind having to social distance. I can finally focus on things I have been putting off for years. 
What are you watching?
A lot of #theoffice on #netflix.
Favorite SALT. piece?
Spencer in Sun in wood grain.
Ryatt K // Shipping and Receiving 

How are you passing the time during quarantine?
Taking long beach walks in the early morning, reading books I finally have time to read (currently, The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood), catching up on Netflix series I've been wanting to watch, listening to new music.
What positive aspects of quarantine are you most surprised by?
I used to waste a lot of paper towels! Now I use them sparingly. In general, living a simpler life is really good.
What shows, movies or podcasts have you been watching/listening during this time?
Recently, The Last Kingdom and After Life.
Favorite SALT. piece?
Difficult to narrow down, but currently loving my Deux sun.
Adele // Sales Support Specialist
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