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Lenox Hill

Dr. David Lagner is a long time friend of SALT. and is featured in the new Netflix Docuseries entitled, "Lenox Hill". We featured him in our Friends in Frames on the Frontlines with regard to being a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the new series launching on Netflix we asked him a few questions about the real life series. 

Have you watched the show yet or seen any episodes?

Yes. I have seen all 8, 1 hour episodes.

What's one thing that stuck with you after watching it?

First, I would say that it is really difficult to see yourself on television, especially one that depicts your real life in both a professional and personal setting. I remember that when we started the filming, you are naturally self conscious being followed by a camera and sound man all the time but I was surprised at how quickly that goes away and falls into normalcy.  

The most important thing that stuck with me is how well the directors maintained the reality of each of the situations and did not manipulate scenes or story lines for the sake of “better telivison.”

This is as close as you could come to what me and my colleagues navigate everyday.

What would you like people to come away with after watching the series?

I hope the human connection.  One person helping another and the stories and the common themes across the doctors and the patients regardlesss of race, religion or socioeconomic profile. As a doctor, I hope people recognize that despite the intensity of our everyday, we operate with an extreme amount of emplathy for our patients and we set a high benchmark for our teams to ensure we perform at the highest level possible, everyday.  This career requires an extreme emotional investment and despite the duration of the procedures, the emotional investment to our patients before and after the actual procedure can extend for months or even years.

The trailer really captures the humanity and intensity of the work you, the doctors and nurses encounter every day. If you had to give one piece of advice to some one looking to get into the healthcare field or about to graduate and start their career in healthcare, what would that piece of advice be?

You have to be all in to optimize all of your gifts – your intelligence, your experience and your physical talents. This is not a one dimensional profession.

You are at ground zero for the Covid pandemic, what has been the most challenging aspects battling this virus and helping patients? 

I believe it was the speed and volume at which it hit New York City.  It was all hands on deck 24/7.  But, I must say I was so proud to be part of this moment and to see all of my colleagues rally.  I have the privilege to work everyday with amazing human beings – I’m very blessed.

For more info on Lenox Hill on Netflix.

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