Little Luxuries that will Elevate Your Fall

Little Luxuries that will Elevate Your Fall

During the fall season, leaves change from their bright green suits into something a bit more luxurious before retiring for the winter. They turn gold, which by default makes autumn the most opulent chapter of the year. 

 Fall is back to school season. It’s the time at which we begin to spend more hours indoors, when evening falls earlier, when hot coffee reclaims the throne, when there’s a shift in color scheme, when long weekends are best spent picking apples and taking quiet vacations in the mountains.

 Fall is sweater weather with SALT. Optics

Make the transition of seasons even more delightful with these little luxuries that will elevate your autumn and life.

Great drinks for the FALL

Sprezza Rosso canned Italian Aperitifs. Summer is ending—it’s time to bid farewell to your campari//aperol spritz streak, and imbibe something less icy but just as bright, in the form of a canned spritzer. First of all, we love the packaging. It’s so chic, you’ll actually want to enjoy it from the can rather than decanting it into a glass. These spritzes are dry, sparkling, and wonderfully aromatic. They’re comprised of wine from Piedmont, autumn-y bitters, and carbonated mineral water. Not into drinking? Try Ghia. They’re delicious, have health benefits, and are also encased in very eye pleasing cans. 

Gold colors from SALT.

A pair of gold SALT sunglasses to echo the changing leaves. Our Columbia glasses are framed with brushed honey gold. Need we say more? They’re classic, refined, and elegant and will protect your eyes from the sun while you’re enjoying walks outside with a hot coffee in hand, picking pears in an orchard, or marveling at fall foliage. They go with everything and will make any outfit—yes, even your workout clothing—instantly chic.

Jacobsen salt gift set

Jacobsen truffle salt. Autumn marks the beginning of truffle season, and this rich, flavorful salt (it can be by any brand, really) will instantly transform any meal into something decadent, earthy, and musky. Sprinkle it on roasted vegetables, eggs, meat and chicken dishes, toast, cottage cheese, anything. Everything! And if you like salt, be sure to read our article on salt, which goes into its health benefits and includes an extensive list of recommendations. This is a fall flavor that we just adore.

 Photo by Man DY from Pexels

A seasonal floral arrangement. Fresh flowers at home need no introduction. They make every day celebratory and beautiful, and as we spend less time outside, they feel crucial. Look for something elegant and sturdy, like an arrangement of calla lilies or an orchid. We love buying locally grown flowers, but we’re also fans of BloomsyBox and other online floral delivery companies, for the sake of ease. We always love white, but emerald green, gold, and maroon are also gorgeous Autumn tones.

 Coffee or tea? Fall favorites

Really good coffee. There’s nothing like making a delicious french press of hot coffee on a chilly fall morning. Elevate this routine with excellent coffee. Cometeer makes capsules (not pods) of coffee that can easily be transformed into iced coffee, an Americano, or whatever you’re into without having to own a machine. We also like Verve, Complete Human, Chamberlain Coffee, the flavored coffees by Coffee Beanery (trust, it’s good), Partners Coffee, and many others. Make your coffee even more delicious with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a small pinch of sea salt, and whatever sweetener and milk you prefer. And drink it out of a beautiful mug. If you’re not into coffee, invest in some fabulous tea like those from Pique or Vahdam.

 Photo by Linda Prebreza from Pexels

Really good hand cream. As the cold infuses our days again, it’s crucial to keep a beautiful, satiny hand cream with you at all times. We love Byredo’s floral tulip and rose scents, but they’re all delicious. We’re also fans of the hand creams by Eau Thermale Avene, Amass, and Londontown.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

Silk everything. Pajamas, eye masks, bedding, hair ties, slip dresses, robes. Silk glistens. It’s unique in that it’s a warming fabric that doesn’t feel too wintery. We suggest that you use silk pillowcases by slip, which also better your skin.

Hu Kitchen has great recipes

Better-for-you chocolate. Ok we love chocolate, but we also try to stay far, far away from sugar. For the perfect after dinner treat, try the dark chocolates by Hu Kitchen, Lily’s, Midday Squares, or Chocolove. Each is delicious and so much better for you, as they’re sweetened with either coconut sugar, monkfruit, or stevia.

Italian plates for Fall

Handcrafted in Italy, these dishes are beyond charming: think simple, printed porcelain plates splashed with sayings including “Cín Cín,” “Ciao Amour,” “Sempre,” “C’est L’Amour,” and “Pique-Nique.'' They’re perfect for aperitivos and happy hour. They’re ideal for bites like prosciutto and melon, tomato salads, and great cheeses. Fall is a perfect time to gather with loved ones and to entertain—and these dishes are conversation starters, without being too much.

These are designed to be enjoyed and enhance your everyday existence. What could be better?

SALT Fall in Love with Fall

Written by Alexandra Malmed for SALT.

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