Perfect Gifts For The Host

Perfect Gifts For The Host

The winter months are filled with warm get togethers at home, cocktail parties at gorgeous bars, and dinners. It’s important to honor those who we love with time spent and with gorgeous tokens of affection. Giving the host a stunning gift is essential—and since they’ll be receiving a slew of gifts, it’s important to choose something that stands apart.

Here, a few elegant, beautiful, and thoughtful gifts that every host is sure to love:

Live Beautiful Book

Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone: this coffee table book is ideal for the host who’s interested in modern, minimalist interior design. Calderone’s book is filled with ideas for creating a tranquil, sophisticated space. It’ll keep them inspired and look beautiful in their home.

Salt makes a great gift for the host or hostess

Sea salts: you can’t go wrong with gifting the host (or anyone) exquisite, flavorful sea salts. We’re partial to the flakey, amazing finishing salts by Maldon, Salt Odyssey, Salt’s Up, Redmond Real Salt (which isn’t a finishing salt, but is a total classic for cooking and is filled with minerals), Bora Bora Sea Salt, and The Spice House. Bonus? Gift the host with flavored sea salts—think garlic, herb, and truffle. These will elevate any meal. We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love truffle salt. To make the gift even better, present the salt(s) alongside a salt jar, gold plated oyster shell, or wooden salt bowl.

Orchids as holiday gifts

Orchids: the perfect flower for gifting, as they last—and they’re endlessly sophisticated and beautiful. They even happen to be the favorite flower of the iconic Tom Ford. You can find a great orchid everywhere from Trader Joe’s to the most luxurious of floral boutiques, so pick a stunning bloom, place it in a gorgeous vase, and present your host with something that represents grace and sophistication.

 Assouline coffee table books: we wrote an entire post on coffee table books, which you can read here, but if we had to choose one label that makes the perfect gift for any host, it’s Assouline. We’re in love with their travel series—the stunning, brightly colored books will transport your host to the most vibrant of locales, and the books are truly beautiful pieces for any surface.

A gorgeous, long lasting scented candle. Gift the host with a beautiful and fragrant candle that celebrates the season and will elevate their home all year round—we love candles by the ever classic Votivo, but lots of newer brands like Boy Smells, Flamingo Estate, and Sicily Hill make stunning, beautiful scented pieces that will bring color and scent to any room in their house. For her, look for something floral or sweet. For a couple, look for something more herbal or floral—or something with deep, romantic notes.

Acqua di Parma Room Spray: luxurious, timeless, and reminiscent of vacation—the room fragrance line by Acqua di Parma will transport your host to a relaxing, stunning place—without leaving their one home. The room fragrances come in the gorgeous signature navy blue Acqua di Parma vessels, making them perfect gifts to place on the coffee table, kitchen counter, or bedside tables. These are literally perfumes for the home, and we’re here for it.

Bearaby Blankets are so comfy

Velvet Weighted Blanket by Bearaby: this is an amazing, comforting, relaxing piece for the bed or couch that will provide the host with a sense of safety and warmth all year round. The velvet makes this blanket luxurious, the loosely knit texture makes it ideal for any room in the house. This blanket is incredible—it retains its shape, so the host can tuck themselves into a cozy nook and get some of the best sleep of their life.

SALT Sunglasses

Sunglasses: ok, these aren’t for the home, but who doesn’t want a pair of amazing, beautifully made sunglasses? They’ll wear these year round, and if you live in a warmer climate, your host can wear these for outdoor wintertime cocktail parties. They’ll also wear them while shopping for parties, pursuing the farmers market, and, well, always. SALT sunglasses are refined and stunning, making them the perfect gift for the host who has everything.

A bottle of small batch, amazing tequila. Almost everyone needs a good drink now and again (or perhaps every evening). Our go to? A clean, incredible margarita—think vibrant lime, good tequila, stevia, and a good dose of sea salt. Gift the host with a fabulous bottle of craft tequila, such as those by Inspiro and Lalo. Tequilas by smaller brands are incredible because each batch tastes unique. You can also never go wrong with an amazing bottle of Don Julio, Patron, Casa Dagrones, or Casamigos. Your host can serve the tequila at their parties and can also enjoy them during quiet evenings at home. It’s a season for celebration—let’s raise a glass of fine tequila to that.

A gift card to their favorite restaurant: even the most happy-to-host-hosts need a night out once a week or so, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant or hotel bar is a perfect option. If you don’t know what their favorite haunt is, choose somewhere elegant, relaxing, and beautiful—think upscale sushi or a great Italian place with a fabulous cocktail program. Your host will love the gesture and the meal will taste even more incredible as it’s a gift.

POJ Studio Kits make lovely gifts

POJ Studio indigo or kintsugi kit: this is a perfect gift for the host who has some time on their hands. These kits are beautiful, thoughtfully packaged, and will provide them with an activity that results in something beautiful for their home, straight from Japan.

Sola Cubes

A fabulous paperweight—Usagi No Nedoko makes the Sola Cube—gorgeous square pieces with dried, vibrant flowers inside. They’re bold but delicate, refined and timeless. Choose a flower that your host loves—you can never go wrong with a classic rose. Great paperweights, be they vintage or even by a label like Gucci, are easy to find. You can find an artful piece at a museum gift shop, so keep your eyes peeled during your next art-going excursions.

So there you have it—thoughtful, refined gifts that will elevate your host’s home and life and stand apart from the sea of wine that they’re sure to receive. Happy holidays, and happy season of gracious gifting.

Written by Alexandra Malmed for SALT.

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