Second/Layer is a clothing brand that blends the styles of their Venice Beach influences along with high quality materials found in haute couture houses. Clothing that can be dressed up or down. Laid back California vibes for those who appreciate luxury fabrics and construction details. We teamed up with them to launch a limited run of sunglasses for their latest collection.

Instagram: @secondlayer


1. What was some of the inspiration for your latest collection?

Our Collections are always a reflection of our experiences growing up and living in Southern California our whole lives.  

2. What drew you to collaborate with SALT for this collection?

Chris (worked with SALT) introduced us to the brand.  We only try and work with our friends and family.  We also appreciated the attention to detail and the quality of materials, which was the biggest sell for us.  The craftsmanship are qualities that can’t be argued and it is something we feel aligned with us perfectly.  

3. When designing a new collection, what are some of the things you focus on?

We always ask the question, “Will we wear it”, “Is this really us”.  We are ingrained in authenticity and we will always be true to ourselves, first and foremost.  

4. How would you characterize the "West Coast" look and what are some key pieces you feel embody this vibe?

The “West Coast” look to us is most definitely casual, trans-seasonal, and for us it is ingrained in the street, surf/skate culture that everyone from everywhere else tries to copy. Our tamely tailored jackets and loose trousers definitely embody this styling for us.  Paired with our elevated essentials like our t-shirts and boxer shorts, it is the biggest vibe you will catch from any real dude you meet in Southern California.  

5. What are some timeless pieces you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

A good black 2 or 3 button dinner jacket with a generous cut.  Not that slim skinny look but something timeless.  A good pair of trousers.  Like real trousers, not a chino or a dark pair of denim that you think you can wear as a replacement for a nice pair of trousers.  Perfect white t-shirts, a lot of them. A blouson that you can take with you anywhere you go.  A good pair of worn in denim.  White canvas sneakers, and a pair of boots with a healthy heel.  Last but not least, a scent that is precisely yours.

6. If you had to pick a favorite time period for fashion what would that be and why?

1989-1994 when Giorgio Armani was at his prime and people loved to look and feel sexy.  

7. What were some key items for you guys this past summer?

Supergoop sunscreen, Salt X SECOND/LAYER shades, SL boxer shorts, Article-Number 1007 sneakers, Comme Des Garcon Kyoto Scent.  

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