The Best Summer Sips to Stay Cool With

The Best Summer Sips to Stay Cool With

Summer is in full swing. After long, sun-soaked days, we love to unwind with a delicious, clean, crisp summer beverage. Life is returning, and we’re adamant about celebrating the gold of life—and golden hour. It’s time to raise a glass to earthly pleasures, to amazing company, to ourselves, and to life.

Summer beverages should be comprised of crisp, seasonal ingredients. They should be flavorful, refreshing, and delicious. Each of the following drinks is a potable celebration of life—an infusion of vivid tones and sparkling flavors—a cup of joy de vivre. Enjoy them in good health, and tag us on social to show us your summer evening sips.

Note: each pairs beautifully with a sprinkling—or glass rimmed with—SALT. We recommend using a smoked sea salt or the ever classic Maldon.

Cam James Photo from Unsplash

(Image: Cam James via Unsplash)

Ginger Elderflower Margarita

Our go to year-round cocktail? A classic margarita, elevated with elderflower liqueur in place of saccharine orange liqueur. This stunning cocktail pays homage to the famous Shed restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. It’s refreshing, gorgeous, and sensational.


● 2 oz silver tequila

● .5-1 oz elderflower liqueur

● Ice

● Fresh or bottled organic lime juice

● Sea salt

● Lime round for garnish


● Rim a cocktail glass with sea salt

● Combine silver tequila and elderflower liqueur in a shaker with ice

● Shake vigorously, until chilled

● Pour into cocktail glass over fresh ice

● Sprinkle in a bit of SALT

● Garnish with a lime round

The Elevated Aperol Spritz

Fabio Mangione Photo from Unsplash

(Image: Fabio Mangione via Unsplash)

Born in Venice, Italy, the Aperol Spritz is a summertime classic—and its stunning color pays homage to the bright summer sun. We’re in love with this refreshing, bright cocktail, and this variation is exquisite. Slide on a pair of SALT shades (our Courtney, in both Dusty Rose and Whiskey, echo the tones of this cocktail), find an outdoor table with a great view—or great people watching—and enjoy this summer sunset of a drink. We recommend extra ice and a long straw.


● Aperol

● Sparkling water—we recommend using Mountain Valley or Pellegrino.

● Prosecco

● Tablespoon cherry juice

● Green olives


1. Add about 2 to 3 oz of Aperol and the cherry juice to a glass

2. Add a handful of ice to each

3. Add a splash (about 2 oz) of sparkling water

4. Top each glass with a splash of Prosecco

5. Garnish with green olives, if you like—we vote that you add the olives

Hibiscus Lemon Drop

Michael Schofield photo from Unsplash

(Image: Michael Schofield via Unsplash)

The stunning hibiscus flower is having a moment. We’re in love with its stunning ruby color, delicate herbal, floral flavor, and elegant shape. Transport yourself to Hawaii and enjoy this gingery, summery cocktail.


2 lemon wedges, plus 1 additional for the rim

1 1/2 oz ginger vodka

1/2 oz lemon liqueur

1 oz freshly brewed hibiscus iced tea

Liquid stevia to taste

1/4 oz fresh or organic bottled lemon juice

1 Wild hibiscus flower for garnish

Ginger sea salt for rim


1. Salt the rim of a cocktail glass with ginger sea salt

2. Place two lemon wedges in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Smash with a muddler

3. Add ginger vodka, hibiscus iced tea, lemon liqueur, lemon juice, stevia and ice. Cap the shaker and shake until well-chilled.

4. Strain the cocktail into the prepared glass.

5. Drop one wild hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass for a stunning, layered, fountain-like effect

Lavender Bees Knees

Ricardo Gómez Angel photo from Unsplash

(Image: Ricardo Gomez Angel via Unsplash)

The phrase "bee's knees'' means, "the best." This classic summertime cocktail—a gin sour that's believed to have been created around the prohibition time, is a refreshing blend of warm-weather flavors. The bright yellow color is evocative of sunshine and warmth. This version is made even more gorgeous with lavender. Why not color palette with this cocktail? Wear our North Sails Lowell in Indigo Blue—it pairs well with the lavender.


● 1 oz gin

● 1/8 cup hot water

● 1 teaspoon dried lavender blossoms (available at health foods stores, online, and outside)

● Liquid stevia to taste

● 1 tablespoon of fresh or bottled organic lemon juice

● Lavender sprig for garnish


1. Mix hot water and dried lavender blossoms in bowl

2. Let steep for 5 minutes.

3. Whisk in liquid stevia and train into another bowl.

4. Add 1.5 tablespoons of the syrup, gin, and lemon juice; strain into a cocktail shaker with ice.

5. Shake well and strain into a chilled Martini glass

6. Garnish with a fresh lavender sprig

Yuzu Martini

Etienne Girardet photo from Unsplash

(Image: Etienne Girardet via Unsplash)

Step into luxury and the exotic with this stunning, citrusy cocktail. The yuzu is tart and bright; the cocktail is balanced and incredible. This pairs beautifully with oysters, sushi, and other seafood dishes. It also pairs beautifully with our Fufkin in Copper Gold—the gold emanates the gold of the yuzu, and the lenses echo the cool vodka.


● Ice

● 2 oz citrus vodka

● 1 oz Yuzu Pur e or Yuzu juice

● 2.25 oz Nankai Shochu (optional)

● 2 oz. fresh or organic bottled lemon or lime juice

● Liquid to taste

● Fresh floral blossom or yuzu peel for garnish


1. Chill serving glass.

2. Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with 2/3 ice

3. Cap, shake and strain into a chilled serving glass

4. Garnish and serve

Pomelo Chile Paloma

Anna Wlodarczyk photo from Unspash

(Image: Anna Wlodarczyk via Unsplash)

The Paloma is a refreshing warm weather classic—and this version, with notes of warm Chile and bright Pomelo—is especially perfect for enjoying after a long, hot day. Balance the sweet, citrusy notes with a dash of SALT.

2 oz silver tequila

Flaked sea salt or chile-infused sea salt

1/8 teaspoon chili powder

3 oz of freshly squeezed pomelo or pink grapefruit juice (about a quarter of a pomelo or half a grapefruit)

Pomelo or grapefruit wedge for garnish

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice

Liquid stevia to taste

2 ounces sparkling water


1. For a sunset-ready salted rim, mix 1-22 tablespoons of flaked sea salt with 1/8 teaspoon chili powder, and spread out in a small, shallow dish. Rim each glass with the mixture

2. Carefully fill a glass with ice

3. Add pomelo or grapefruit juice, lime juice, and liquid stevia and stir

4. Pour in tequila and top off with sparkling water

5. Finish each cocktail with a pinch of chili salt and garnish with a Pomelo or grapefruit wedge

Ruby Ginger Chilton

Hugh Whyte photo from Unsplash

(Image: Hugh Whyte via Unsplash)

The Chitlon is a Texan classic, and we’ve elevated the recipe with notes of bright grapefruit and salt. Slip into a floral summer dress or a pair of linen pants and a white t-shirt and a pair of shades (we recommend our classic Iris shades for this drink and occasion) and transport yourself to vacation on a sun-drenched texan patio to enjoy this warm weather-ready cocktail.


● Ice

● Sea salt

● 1.5 oz grapefruit vodka

● 1.5 fresh lemons

● Fresh ginger

● 1 teaspoon of of finger juice (we like The Ginger People)

● Sparkling water

● Grapefruit peel for garnish


1. Salt the rim of a cocktail glass

2. Fill glass to the top ice cubes

3. Pour vodka, juice from lemons, and ginger juice into a cocktail shaker

4. Shake and then pour into glass

5. Top with sparkling water

6. Garnish with grapefruit peel

Slip into something gorgeous, find a great view, feel the breeze on your skin, relax, and enjoy these stunning summer sips. Here's to life of celebration!

Written by: Alexandra Malmed

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