Collection 2 2022: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

Collection 2 2022: The Inspiration Behind the Styles

With the launch of our C1 Collection (hit the link to learn more about it) you saw us revisit some classic shapes and engineer them for improved optics (something your optician will love, and you will love for the clarity) and tweaked the fits to be more comfortable. Now we are proud to introduce our C2 collection for 2022. A few new styles have been added and we made some of the popular RX styles available as sun. As always, we look to classic eyewear styles with a deep heritage and make them more modern with an improved fit and high quality luxurious materials. No corners are cut with our lenses and we use the latest technology with a focus on eye health and performance. You can read more about our sun lenses here. 

 SALT. exclusive core wire design


With inspiration drawn from classic motorcycle and car racing glasses, we look to the 1917 tear drop sunglasses that were originally designed for pilots but quickly found their way into the car racing scene. This iconic silhouette focused on comfort and protection. Inspired by classic car culture we set out to create a frame that is at home in car club meet-ups or behind the wheel of a Grand Tourer. Choose your own adventure and have the confidence in knowing these glasses are made with luxurious Japanese materials and state of the art optics built for a life well lived. 

SALT. Airlie Sun


JFK was a style icon. He broke the mold of what a President would wear and introduced tailored fits, slim fitting clothes with a preppy approach that was casual yet refined. JFK's style can be summed up as casual and timeless and that's exactly what the SALT. Optics Grays embodies. Effortless yet thoughtful and tailored to work with the majority of face shapes.

SALT. Grays Sun


Music plays a huge role in style. Sure there are trends but for the most part there are a few styles that transcend trends and venture into the realm of being labeled iconic. Our new Handcock is an evolution in the classic acetate aviator with an improved shape that looks great as an RX or sun frame. Some of the greatest moments in film and music featured this classic eyewear style.

 SALT. Hancock Sun and RX glasses

To see the other styles and new colors for C2-2022 visit the link here: Sun and/or RX. Follow us on Instagram to see the glasses out in the wild and tag us when you are wearing your SALT. frames. We love seeing them on you and enjoy sharing your images with everyone. 

SALT. Jefferson Sunglasses in Evergreen

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